Hello, I'm Jackson

A JavaScript developer, writer, and linguist fascinated by the creative process that software development embodies.

Have fun exploring my work, and let me know if you're interested in working together.

As a web developer, I love to build and observe the psychological interaction between user and product. My main goal as a developer is to create interactive, engaging, and effective user experiences to help conscious entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach wider audiences.



Mythica Creative is a digital agency creating elegant and effective products for social entrepreneurs. The website includes a Brand Launch Quiz, streamlining the client onboarding process. After the quiz, you receive a custom-tailored Brand Blueprint to help you build a strong brand.

React · Redux · SCSS · Express · MongoDB


A space for you to listen to the silence within, Simple Spirit gives you powerful tools to help you on your spiritual journey. Below each koan is a space for you to write to your heart's abandon...and clear it away when you're done. Rather than accumulate more thoughts and burdens, this is an exercise in releasing and letting go.

React · Node · Express · MongoDB


Darba is a nomadic group of artists and yogis sharing knowledge and inspiring others to open their lives to new dimensions within. The website is as minimalist as absolutely possible; one static page written in HTML and CSS, as simple as that.



Interactive research feed for developers: the latest code and answers at your fingertips. Quickly and easily browse the latest repositories and questions from Github and StackOverflow.

HTML · CSS · jQuery


I'm always interested in new projects, especially open source. Shoot me an email at jhwheeler@gmail.com, send me a tweet at @Alacritas7, or check out my GitHub to learn more about my projects and read my code.